A bloody week in the middle of the Strip – 75 martyrs, hundreds of wounded, and destruction of residential units

Gaza – Together – The Israeli occupation army committed a crime against humanity and against international law in the areas of Al-Mughraqa, Al-Zahraa, and the new camp north of Al-Nuseirat, resulting in hundreds of martyrs and wounded, in addition to the widespread destruction of property.

The office said that this comes within the framework of the crime of genocide launched by the occupation army against Palestinian civilians, which the American administration blesses and engages in, and which the international community failed to stop.

He explained that during the aggression of the occupation army, 75 martyrs and 348 wounded who arrived at hospitals within a week were reported missing, while 100 citizens were declared missing in the aforementioned areas and have not been reached yet, especially in the Al-Mughraqa area. The occupation also destroyed 14 towers and residential buildings during this aggression and crime. And dozens of homes belonging to civilian citizens who were displaced by the occupation f
rom their towers, residential buildings and homes under the threat of bombing by aircraft and tank shells, and the threat to their lives and death.

The office denounced in the strongest terms the occupation’s crime against Palestinian civilians, against civilian neighborhoods, against residential towers and buildings, and against Palestinian homes, calling on all international and international organizations and all countries of the free world to condemn this crime, which the occupation has repeated hundreds of times in the Gaza Strip since the start of the genocidal war against our Palestinian people.

We hold the American administration and the international community, in addition to the ‘Israeli’ occupation, fully responsible for these crimes and their repercussions and effects on the lives of civilians. We call on all countries of the world to pursue the occupation and its leaders in international forums and courts and to try them for the crime of genocide and their crimes against humanity.

He called on
all countries of the free world to put pressure on the ‘Israeli’ occupation to stop the genocide and to stop these ongoing crimes against children, women and civilians, which have been continuing for the seventh month in a row.

Source: Maan News Agency