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Abu Dhabi’s foodstuffs trade valued at AED 7.51 billion in five months

ABU DHABI, The value of Abu Dhabi’s foreign trade of foodstuffs amounted to AED7.51 billion during the first five months of 2021, reflecting Emirate’s maintain its commercial activity levels, according to data issued by the General Administration of Customs in Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi Customs).

In terms of foodstuff trade, the number of customs transactions reached 72,918 (66,389 by land, 4,290 by air, 2,239 by sea) during the first five months, recording an increase of 61 percent when compared to 62,906 transactions during the same period in 2020. The size of traded foodstuffs reached about 1.74 million tonnes, comprising 998,179 tonnes of imports and 414,689 tonnes of exports, and 330,233 tonnes of re-exports.

Abu Dhabi’s total value of foreign trade in foodstuffs included imports with a value exceeding AED 3.14 billion, exports with a value of AED 2.88 billion, a growth of 11 percent compared to AED 2.60 billion during the same period of 2020, and re-exports with a value of AED 1.5 billion, a growth of 5 percent compared to AED 1.42 billion.

Saudi Arabia maintained its position as Abu Dhabi’s largest strategic partner in the foodstuff trade sector, trading around AED 3.37 billion, a growth of 3 percent compared to AED 3.29 billion during the same period of 2020.

Kuwait ranked second with a total foodstuff trade value of AED 804.59 million, a growth of 20 percent compared to AED 671.16 million during the same period of last year, followed by Yemen with AED 626.14 million, Bahrain with AED 348.62 million, Jordan with AED 314.60 million, Oman with AED 274.16 million, and Spain with AED 184.42 million.

The data revealed that dairy and livestock products are the most traded segment, amounting to AED 1.868 billion of Abu Dhabi’s total foodstuff trade, followed by its fruits and citruses trade, which reached AED 938.54 million.

Rashed Lahej Al Mansoori, Director-General of Abu Dhabi Customs, said that Abu Dhabi Customs is continuing its efforts to promote and facilitate food trade movement in Abu Dhabi through employing highly qualified Emirati professionals, as well as digital customs services, to meet the needs of all traders, especially in the foodstuffs sector, in line with the directives of the UAE’s wise leadership to enhance food security in the UAE.

He added that Abu Dhabi Customs, in collaboration with the strategic partners, is bolstering its efforts to ensure the safety of foodstuffs and their compliance with health conditions through facilitating the timely clearance of all shipments to ensure fast access to markets, in line with the highest quality standards.

Source: Emirates News Agency