ADAFSA verifies safety of 1.12 million tonnes of food materials in 2020

ABU DHABI, The Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA) verified the safety of 1.12 million tonnes of various food materials and approved their entry into Abu Dhabi’s markets in 2020, after confirming their compliance with relevant food safety requirements and standards.

These efforts are part of ADAFSA’s commitment to maintain the flow of food imports into the emirate’s markets through land border crossings, seaports and airports.

All shipments of food products entering Abu Dhabi are subject to strict inspection procedures to ensure their safety, such as surface testing and appropriate laboratory tests, to guarantee their compliance to approved standards and specifications.

These procedures are easily implemented and aim to maintain the stability of food supplies and the highest levels of food safety.

The ADAFSA’s 2020 statistical report highlighted that entries though land border crossings accounted for 63 percent of approved food material imports, or some 705,600 tonnes, while approved food materials entering through seaports accounted for 35 percent, making up some 392,800 tonnes, and those entering through airports accounted for nearly 2 percent, or some 19,800 tonnes.

The number of food shipments that entered through Abu Dhabi’s ports was 57,657, including 45,294 shipments via land border crossings, most notably at the Ghuwaifat Gate. The number of shipments entering through airports totalled 8,299, accounting for 14 percent, while food shipments entering via seaports accounted for 7 percent of all shipments.

Source: Emirates News Agency

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