An ongoing military operation by the occupation forces in Tulkarm and its camps

Tulkarm – Ma’an – The occupation forces are still working to destroy the infrastructure in the Tulkarm and Nour Shams camps east of Tulkarm city, in an operation launched by the Israeli occupation army after midnight last night when it stormed Tulkarm city with dozens of vehicles led by a number of huge bulldozers.

The occupation forces began their operation in Tulkarm by spreading out in the city streets and deploying snipers on the roofs of buildings surrounding the Tulkarm and Nour Shams camps, while occupation patrols spread out throughout the city, specifically around hospitals and health centers.

While the occupation patrols were deployed in all parts of Tulkarm city, the occupation bulldozers were working to destroy the streets leading to Nour Shams camp and cut off the access road to the two camps by destroying the Al-Younis roundabout area.

During the dawn hours, these bulldozers began working inside Nour Shams camp, focusing on the most crowded neighborhood of Al-Manshiya inside the camp, leaving
behind great destruction in the streets of the camp and the homes of the citizens there. Meanwhile, the occupation soldiers raided the homes of the citizens randomly, searching them, tampering with their contents, and interrogating the residents of those homes.

The occupation forces are still sending more military reinforcements into the Tulkarm and Nour Shams camps, which indicates that this operation will continue for several hours or perhaps days.

During the past weeks, the Israeli Finance Minister threatened the city of Tulkarm more than once, especially after the bombing of a military vehicle inside the Nour Shams camp last week, which led to the death of a soldier.

Source: Maan News Agency

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