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Arab countries’ investment guarantee index ranking drops

Amman: – The Arab Investment and Export Credit Guarantee Corporation (Dhaman) said Monday that the average Arab ranking in its compiled index of investment climate components in Arab countries last year dropped to 104th place globally, 25 places behind global average.

The slight decline in the index, which covers 158 countries, including 21 Arab countries, based on 190 composite and sub-indices issued by 33 international bodies, was the result of the change in the rank of Arab countries in the four main sets related to the investment climate, the corporation said in its 39th annual report on the investment climate in Arab countries this year, which was released from its headquarters in Kuwait.

The set of economic performance indicators consisting of 14 main and sub-indices witnessed a decline in the average ranking of the Arab countries by 3 places to 92nd globally, as a result of a decline in the average ranking in 4 of the most important indicators of internal performance evaluation and 3 of the indicator
s of dealing with abroad, in contrast to its improvement in 6 other indicators and stability in the government debt index.

As for political and security performance indicators consisting of 37 main and sub-indicators, the average ranking of Arab countries fell by one spot to 108th globally, as a result of its decline in a number of risk assessment indicators of between two and five places, it said.

Source: Jordan News Agency