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AYCCC grants membership to Kuwaiti environment activist Al-Saad

The Arab Youth Council for Climate Change (AYCCC) granted Mariam Al-Saad, director and founder of the Kuwaiti Al-Manakh environmental association, membership of the council in recognition of Kuwait’s efforts and commitment in this field to preserve the climate and environment.

In remarks to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) on Monday, marking the occasion, the leading Kuwaiti environmental preservation and awareness advocate, Al-Saad said, “It is a great honor to represent Kuwaiti youth on this level, and this position will provide an opportunity for the Kuwaitis to work with their peers regionally and globally to help come up with sustainable solutions for the environment.” Al-Saad said AlManakh is a non-profit organization, founded in 2021, to raise awareness of the dire repercussions of climate change and sustainability in Kuwait through education, research, and social participation. As for the AYCCC, she said it is also a non-profit organization, initiated in 2021 by youth under the guidance of Arab Youth Center
(AYC) and Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al-Nahyan in the United Arab Emirates.

Source: Kuwait News Agency