Cabinet approves 2023 Civil Health Insurance Bylaw

A Cabinet session held Wednesday, headed by Prime Minister Dr. Bishr Khasawneh, approved an amended Civil Health Insurance Bylaw for 2023. The system aims to expand the base of beneficiaries from civil health insurance, by introducing new categories to benefit from medical services, in exchange for paying specific contributions to the health insurance fund to achieve justice and equality among the beneficiaries’ categories. The Council of Ministers also approved Physiotherapy Practice Bylaw for 2023, aimed to regulate this profession by specifying conditions for obtaining licenses, eligible categories to license centers, and the related procedures. The Council decided to approve the validating reasons for the draft Working Juveniles Protection Bylaw, in preparation for sending it to the Bureau of Legislation and Opinion to proceed with procedures for issuing it according to the rules in place, aimed to strengthening the legislative environment to ensure the greatest degree of protection for working children. Additionally, the Council also green-lighted the mandating reasons for an amended Administrative Organization Bylaw of Jordan News Agency (Petra) for 2023. This regulation aims to keep pace with developments in the digital media field and enhancing plans to focus on specialized journalism, specifically in the economic area. The system also provides a legal reference to guarantee procedure accuracy and optimally invest human resources, by redistributing staff in the proposed organizational units, and improving performance. Under the bylaw, names of existing administrative units will be amended, other specialized ones will be launched and their functional connections will be reset to ensure proper work flow and full execution of the required tasks. On another level, the Council approved the plan to issue postage stamps for 2024, and proceed with the procedures for issuing them in accordance with rules.

Source: Jordan News Agency