2nd Edition of Qatar Real Estate Forum to Convene on Oct. 13

Doha: Chairman of the Real Estate Regulatory Authority Khalid Ahmed Saleh Ahmed Al Obaidli has announced that the 2nd edition of Qatar Real Estate Forum will be held on Oct. 13 and 14, with the participation of many local and foreign bodies.

Al Obaidli highlighted that the forum primarily aims to identify the real estate opportunities offered by the Qatari markets, affirming that Qatar will dazzle all during the coming 15 years by its achievements in the real estate sector. He pointed out that the huge advancement in this sector throughout the past years has been achieved thanks to the diligent directives of the wise leadership, along with the major government legislation and investments in the infrastructure projects and the additional opportunities within the efforts to fulfill the Qatar National Vision 2030 that led to the upswing of real estate market in the country.

The forum will tackle the importance of capitalizing on the world-class real estate infrastructure in the country through forging appropri
ate partnerships, he added, highlighting that the dispute resolution mechanism will help investors and global firms benefit from the real estate system in Qatar.

Al Obaidli pointed out that there are standards and regulatory rules that are set to be announced during the forum, hoping that the upcoming events will further explore the best real estate opportunities in Qatar, in addition to launching a range of initiatives that would contribute to attracting foreign investments to this sector in Qatar.

The State of Qatar established the Real Estate Regulatory Authority under the Amiri decision No. 28 of 2023, with the objective of regulating and spurring the real estate sector in the country, in addition to exploring issues and reviewing the best regional and global experiences relevant to this sector and improving an environment conducive for it.

Source: Qatar News Agency

UAE airports welcome 36.5 million passengers in Q1 2024

DUBAI: The UAE’s civil aviation sector recorded remarkable growth in the first quarter of 2024, welcoming a staggering 36.5 million passengers, according to the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA).

This figure marks a 14.7% increase compared to the same period last year and highlights the sector’s remarkable growth trajectory.

The breakdown includes 10,723,639 arrivals, 10,874,232 departures, and 14,944,466 transit passengers.

The air cargo sector also witnessed a significant 32% growth in Q1 compared to the same period last year, handling a total of 1.1 million tons of cargo in Q1 2024. This volume comprised 269,526 tons of imports, 119,490 tons of exports, and 714,446 tons of transit goods. Notably, national carriers spearheaded approximately 68% of the total air cargo movement during this period.

Saif Mohammed Al Suwaidi, Director-General of GCAA, attributed this success to the collaborative efforts between the Authority and its partners at both federal and local government levels.

Al Suwaidi high
lighted that these growth rates underscore the sector’s strength, competitiveness, and potential for continued advancement.

The strategic opening of new markets for national carriers, facilitated by 189 air transport agreements with countries worldwide, has been instrumental in fostering international partnerships and promoting the open skies policy.

Source: Emirates News Agency

The Palestine Islamic Bank and the Ministry of Health are discussing enhancing cooperation and partnership

Ramallah – Together – Research by the Director General of the Palestine Islamic Bank, Dr. Imad Al-Saadi with His Excellency the Minister of Health, Dr. Majed Abu Ramadan discussed ways and mechanisms to enhance cooperation and partnership between the two sides in a way that contributes to improving the services provided to citizens.

This came during a meeting held at the headquarters of the Ministry of Health in the city of Ramallah, in the presence of the head of the Ministry’s Public Relations and Media Unit, Anas Al-Deek, the Assistant Director General of the Palestine Islamic Bank, Zayed Shuqair and Hatem Arinat, and the Bank’s Public Relations Officer, Muhammad Marar.

During the meeting, His Excellency the Minister of Health stressed the importance of concerted efforts to support health institutions and enable them to continue providing and developing their services, stressing the Ministry’s keenness to enhance cooperation with the private sector and its institutions in this aspect.

For his part, Al-S
aadi stressed the keenness of the Palestine Islamic Bank to provide support to the health sector through its annual program for sustainable social responsibility, where support is provided annually to dozens of health institutions in various governorates of the country by providing them with health equipment, tools and supplies.

Al-Saadi added: ‘The health and safety of our people is a priority for us, and the health sector occupies a large part of our social responsibility program as it is a vital sector and its development is necessary to achieve sustainable and comprehensive development.’

Al-Saadi appreciated the efforts made by the Ministry of Health to provide the best health services to citizens and localize health services despite the great challenges it faces and the growing needs in light of the difficult circumstances our people are experiencing.

The mission and vision of the Palestine Islamic Bank are centered on excellence in providing modern and secure banking and investment solutions in accor
dance with the provisions of Islamic Sharia. It also develops a well-thought-out strategy to proceed with the process of digital transformation, which has resulted in the launch of pioneering digital services through an easy and safe environment that enhances the digital experience for individual and corporate customers. The bank also considers The largest Islamic banking network in Palestine, including 43 branches and offices and more than 100 ATMs.

Source: Maan News Agency

QFC Hosts Qatar-France Investors Meetup to Strengthen Bilateral Ties

Doha: Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) hosted a Qatar-France Investors Meetup, aimed at strengthening bilateral investment relationships and fostering the development of the financial ecosystem of both nations.

The event convened a distinguished French delegation comprising top-tier asset managers led by HE Minister of Economy, Finance, Industrial and Digital Sovereignty of the French Republic Bruno Le Maire, alongside key Qatar investment stakeholders, including sovereign wealth funds (SWFs), banks, large-scale companies, and insurance.

It offered an unparalleled platform for exploring cooperation and investment prospects, facilitating a deeper understanding of the respective economic landscapes.

In addition, the 1st edition of the Qatar-France Startup Meetup, “Bridging Innovation: AI, Quantum and Digital Collaboration,” was successfully organized simultaneously with a French delegation of innovative startups.

The event, coordinated by Business France Qatar with the active partnership of Qatar Sciences and T
echnology Park and the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, served as a catalyst for knowledge sharing and future cooperation.

Commenting on the significance of this event, Chief Executive Officer of the QFC Yousuf Mohamed Al Jaida said: “We are delighted to receive the French delegation led by HE French Minister of Economy, Finance, and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty.” “This event serves as a testament to the robust bilateral relations between Qatar and France. It holds particular importance for the QFC as it represents a significant stride towards our mission to strengthen Qatar’s financial sector and create avenues for our stakeholders to form meaningful collaboration and discover new investment opportunities. By facilitating dialogue and informal networking, we are opening gateways that lead business ecosystem growth,” he added.

In turn, HE the Minister of Economy, Finance, Industrial and Digital Sovereignty of the French Republic said: “Im delighted to be in Doha today with a deleg
ation of around 20 French investment funds and 10 start-ups operating in artificial intelligence.” “I would like to warmly thank the Qatar Financial Centre for organizing this investors’ meetup. I believe this opens opportunities for Qatari investors to invest in France in sectors promoted by our France 2030 Vision but also for the French funds to better understand the business-friendly ecosystem developed by Qatar to attract more foreign direct investments and foster economic activities that match with Qatar National Vision 2030 priorities,” His Excellency added.

Over the recent years, the relationship between Qatar and France has flourished, with climbing figures from QR 4.9 billion in 2017 to QR 9.3 billion in 2023. This robust partnership encompasses various sectors including energy, technology, trade, and real estate sectors.

Source: Qatar News Agency

Ooredoo Drives Hybrid Cloud Innovation in Collaboration with Nutanix to Propel Qatar Airways to New Heights

Doha: Ooredoo, Qatar’s leading telecommunications company, unveiled a strategic partnership with Qatar Airways and Nutanix, a leader in hybrid multi-cloud computing. As Qatar Airways’ chosen partner, Ooredoo will develop a cutting-edge hybrid multi-cloud environment, paving the way for next-generation applications that will bolster the airline’s customer experience and business performance.

Chief Business Officer at Ooredoo Thani Ali I A Al Malki commented, “This collaboration with Qatar Airways and Nutanix is a testament to our unwavering commitment to driving technological innovation in our nation. By joining forces with leading technology partners, we are setting new standards for digital transformation across industries. Our goal is to empower clients with Hybrid Cloud solutions that blend technological advances with business insights to create strategies that resonate with their broader business objectives.” Group Chief Information Officer at Qatar Airways A.T. Srinivasan commented, “We have selected Nu
tanix, one of the best Software Defined Hyper Converged Infrastructure, which will be one of the main pillars of our Hybrid Cloud Strategy and transformation. Via this partnership with Nutanix and Ooredoo, we will leverage the benefits of Nutanix’s Software Defined Infrastructure that includes freedom of choice of hardware, storage data locality, data sovereignty, independence in scaling out compute and storage nodes based on business system needs, end point micro segmentation for enhanced security, real time monitoring of services and rich dashboards for analytics and reporting.” This partnership with Nutanix will leverage the Nutanix Cloud Platform, which provides a consistent cloud operating model with a single platform for running applications and managing data across data centres, edges, and public clouds. It allows businesses to break down silos and simplify operations across various environments, ensuring greater efficiency.

Qatar Airways will benefit from the scalability offered by Nutanix Cloud Plat
form, enabling the airline to adjust its resources in real-time and on demand. This capability helps ensure optimal performance during peak operational periods and cost savings during slower times, highlighting the agility and responsiveness of the Hybrid Cloud model, facilitated by Ooredoo’s infrastructure.

This partnership cements Ooredoo’s position as the premier provider of cutting-edge Hybrid Multi-Cloud frameworks and highlights its role in empowering businesses to embark on a journey of digital innovation that aligns with their strategic objectives.

Source: Qatar News Agency