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Celebrations in Amran congratulate security achievement

Protests were held in Amran and the districts of Kharif, Jabal Yazid, Ayal Surih, Khamer, Houth, Thala, Sufyan, Bani Sarim, Al-Sawda, Al-Sud, Al-Madan, and Dhibin, and the Education Office in Amran Province, congratulating the major security achievement in arresting the American-Zionist spy network.

The participants in the vigils, which were attended in Amran city by the governor’s first deputy, Abdulaziz Abu Kharfsha, and the governor’s deputy, Hassan Al-Ashqas, renewed their absolute mandate to the revolution leader , Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi, to make appropriate choices to protect the country’s interests, security, sovereignty, and to support the Palestinians.

The statements issued by the vigils praised the high vigilance of the security services and the great achievements they had achieved, calling for strict and deterrent punitive measures to be taken against the American-Zionist spy network and anyone who dares to harm the security, safety and stability of the homeland.

It announced th
e absolute mandate of the revolution leader to take whatever he deems appropriate to reform state institutions, cleanse them of the corrupt, confront the aggression escalation, and confront the conspiracies and plans of aggression that target Yemen’s land and people.

The statements confirmed the readiness to support the security services in establishing the foundations of security and stability, and preventing opportunities for those lurking in the homeland and the nation.

It renewed its firm principled position in supporting the Palestinian people, and its full readiness to move in accordance with the directives of the Revolutionary Leader in all fields and circumstances.

Source: Yemen News Agency