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China’s internet industry celebrates 30 years of flourishing

BEIJING: China’s internet industry is experiencing its “golden age” after three decades of remarkable growth, said Shang Bing, President of the China Internet Association, during the opening ceremony of the 2024 China Internet Conference in Beijing on Tuesday.

CGTN reported that China’s internet has undergone significant transformation over the last three decades, evolving from its early stages into a formidable, globally prominent network. Fixed broadband penetration stands at a 110.2 percent, surpassing 100 percent due to multiple subscriptions in certain households.

Furthermore, the 5G network currently encompasses more than 90 percent of China’s counties. This growth is reflected in user numbers, with three-quarters of residents, or nearly 1.1 billion people, now connected to the internet.

The internet has also spurred the development of related technologies. Shang highlighted advancements in large AI models, advanced semiconductor chips and ongoing research into 6G.

Beyond technological innovation, t
he internet has significantly improved people’s lives. Shang pointed to the convenience of smart devices, online shopping and ride-hailing services. The internet has also facilitated the widespread adoption of remote work, boosting business efficiency.

“The world is witnessing unprecedented technological advancements,” Shang stated. ‘Emerging information technologies like AI are reshaping both the digital and physical worlds. The future of the internet industry is undeniably bright, poised for even greater influence.”

Source: Emirates News Agency