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Department of Health – Abu Dhabi activates remote healthcare platforms for UAE international patients

ABU DHABI, The Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DoH) has activated its remote healthcare platforms across multiple public and private healthcare facilities in the emirate, with the purpose of serving patients abroad.

The platforms allow access to virtual medical consultations between the patient, their treating doctor in the emirate and a doctor abroad with international expertise.

This step aligns with DoH’s commitment to continue all patients’ treatment as per the highest quality standards upon their return to the UAE or upon resuming their medical journey abroad.

DoH explained that the platforms have been activated in Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, Tawam Hospital, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City and Burjeel Hospital. They are made available in collaboration with the International Patient Care (IPC) Division and its stakeholders from overseas healthcare facilities.

DoH mentioned that the IPC Division, based on the decisions of the Medical Board Committee, will coordinate conducting the consultation sessions between the patient and both their local and international doctor, in addition to scheduling sessions between both doctors with the purpose of exchanging knowledge and expertise with regards to the patient’s treatment, as well as discussing medial information about the patient before traveling abroad or upon their return back to the country.

The platforms will also allow examinations for patients before dispatch, to reduce the duration of their medical treatment journey and further enhance the patient experience. The patient is dispatched to the appropriate health facility according to their condition, examinations and medical reports issued in the country.

All of this will contribute to further strengthening the patients’ trust in the quality of services that they will receive by highly competent medical personnel in the country based on their medical treatment plan issued for them in the UAE.

Hind Al Zaabi, Acting Director of International Patients Care Centre at DoH, said, “The activation of IPC remote healthcare platforms reflects our commitment to continue providing world-class healthcare services to UAE international patients and ensure they receive the most suitable kind of healthcare. In these extraordinary times during the COVID-19 pandemic which imposed restrictions and challenges that made it difficult for patients to travel abroad for treatment, it was deemed necessary to create a platform that brought together treating doctors in the Emirate with international physicians and patients to discuss their medical plans and cooperate to best serve the patients.”

“Despite the huge challenges the entire world has faced, Abu Dhabi has proved the excellency and efficiency of its healthcare ecosystem in dealing with the pandemic and succeeded in providing world-class healthcare services to all members of the community as it remains at the forefront of our priorities.” Al Zaabi added.

The platforms enable medical personnel inside the country to exchange expertise their counterparts in international hospitals, enhance communications between them, and facilitate the exchange of scientific research.

DoH highlighted that the platforms conduct around 4 to 5 visual medical consultations weekly, in coordination with government and private healthcare sectors in the emirate.

Through its command centre, DoH monitors the treatment of its UAE international patients and remains in constant contact with them around-the-clock. Patients can contact the concerned division on 024175555 for information and inquiries related to IPC services.

In March 2020, DoH had announced the temporary suspension of IPC services in line with the efforts to prioritise patients’ health and ensure that precautionary measures are being implemented to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Source: Emirates News Agency