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Distribution five thousand coffee seedlings in Jabal Ras District in Hodeida

The General Authority for the Development of Tehama launched today,Saturday, the distribution of five thousand coffee seedlings to a number of farmers in Jabal Ras District in Hodeida province, under the auspices of the Supreme Agricultural and Fisheries Committee, as part of the activities of the National Day for Yemeni Coffee Cultivation.

At the inauguration, the provunce’s Undersecretary for Services Affairs, Muhammad Halisi, praised this step to plant coffee seedlings in farmers’ fields in Jabal Ras District, due to its characteristics and a suitable climate for growing this type of cash crop, within the framework of trends aimed at encouraging farmers.

Halisi and Hazza urged farmers to contribute to achieving agricultural development and to benefit from these seedlings in planting a large area of coffee trees, to activate the agricultural front, confront economic challenges, and transform Yemen from a consuming country into a source of various agricultural crops.

Meanwhile, the Director of the Directo
rate, Mutahar Al-Nour, appreciated the interest of the local authority in the province, and Tehama Development Authority’s support for farmers, and supplying them with coffee seedlings, because of the revenue it creates for farmers and the service of the country’s economy, especially in light of the quality and fame of Yemeni coffee

Source: Yemen News Agency