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Dubai wins praise for efforts to revive aviation industry

DUBAI, Dubai is leading the global efforts to revive the aviation industry that is facing challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, industry leaders participating in the Airport Show at the World Trade Centre, Dubai, believe that civil aviation authorities around the world, global agencies, airlines and airport managements, as well as other important players need to take a proactive approach and adapt to the new reality. They must play their role in the revival of the industry instead of waiting for the pandemic to end.

Iqbal Durrani, Managing Director of Advance Development Agency (ADA) Group, said he was excited to be participating in the Airport Show which reflects the resilience of the important players in the Middle East aviation sector.

“There is a positive vibe in the atmosphere. I appreciate the immense efforts of the organisers of this show to bring industry leaders to Dubai. The UAE has always been supportive of business activities. The Airport Show further proves it,” he said.

Mohamed Salah, Trade Analyst, Italian Trade Agency in Dubai, said that hosting this show was quite important. He stressed that the Airport Show’s success provides hope of recovery.

He said, “It is a well-organised B2B event. The number of participating companies is less than its previous editions which might be due to the current global scenario. But, the show’s success reflects the signs of revival.”

He said that the vaccination drive in the UAE has given a boost to people’s confidence. “There are even talks of issuing a Vaccine Passport to boost global aviation. If every country takes vaccination seriously, the aviation industry will return to normalcy within a year,” Salah said.

Massimo Minatta, Head of Infrastructures Business, Schindler, said, “People will keep travelling – whether for business or pleasure. But they will be much more aware of clean mobility. The aviation players must be ready to adapt to the changing travel pattern and adopt new technologies to come up to the passengers’ expectations,” he said.

Minatta pointed out that the Schindler Clean Mobility Solutions can play an important role in ensuring hygiene and safety in elevators, escalators and moving walks.

Philippe Dumont, Chief Operating Officer, Rubix S&I, said that Dubai has been a hub of tourism and retail and it has continued to maintain that status, while Saudi Arabia has vast potential for expansion. The region provides the confidence of playing a major role in the revival of the global aviation industry.

However, he suggested that airlines should focus on shorter routes now that may increase the demands and boost passengers’ confidence.

Dumont also recommended developing new technologies to reassure passengers of lasting safety. “We must look for new technologies as people are becoming more aware of the atmosphere around them. They did not care much about air quality in the past, but they do now. Thus, I see a big demand for solutions to improve air quality at the airports.”

Emmanuel Petiot, Sales Area Manager, Sovam Airport Equipment, said projects are coming up in the region and expressed confidence that there will be more opportunities in the next six months. He said that the year 2022 will mark the recovery, although one may notice some signs of recovery even now.

“The goal here is to connect with people in the region. It is the first step to get back and reconnect with people in the UAE as well as other neighbouring countries to find new partners,” he said.

Source: Emirates News Agency