France Pavilion at COP28: A hub for climate action and dialogue

Beyond participating in critical climate negotiations at COP28, the French delegation is hosting the France Pavilion throughout the international event, running from 30th November to 12th December 2023.

Serving as a vibrant hub for meetings and discussions on major climate issues, the pavilion hosts a diverse range of events, including:

-Engaging discussions on topics like clean energy, sustainable development, and climate adaptation;

-Presentations of innovative public policies driving positive change;

-Informative press meetings keeping stakeholders informed about France’s climate commitments;

– A design reflecting France’s commitment to sustainability.

The pavilion’s design embodies a message of simplicity and elegance, while showcasing France’s ambitious ecological planning methodology. This unique approach accelerates ecological and energy transitions across various sectors, encompassing energy, transportation, biodiversity, circular economy, and housing.

The coming days will see several key even
ts featuring French ministers, highlighting France’s leadership in climate action:

-December 9th: Christophe Béchu, French Minister for Ecological Transition, will join the “Achieving a garbage-free future: fighting against marine plastic pollution through action from a local to global scale” event organised by the French Agency for Ecological Transition, OMEC, and the SeaCleaners.

-December 10th: Agnès Pannier-Runacher, French Minister for Energy Transition and France’s COP28 representative, will participate in the “How nuclear can accelerate the decarbonization of the energy mix” event organized by SFEN, AIEA, OCDE-AEN, and Nuclear Europe.

-December 10th: Minister Béchu will also participate in the “Together, stronger for the 30×30! French expertise on protected areas to support practices worldwide through peer-to-peer exchanges” event organized by HAC NP Secretary and NatureXpairs.

These events represent France’s unwavering commitment to collaborating with international partners and driving collective
action towards a sustainable future.

By combining impactful discussions, innovative solutions, and high-level engagement, the France Pavilion serves as a valuable platform for advancing climate action and dialogue at COP28.

Source: Emirates News Agency