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Friends of Environment Center Holds Symposium on Role of Arab Youth in environmental volunteering

Doha: The Friends of the Environment Center, of the Ministry of Sports and Youth, held a symposium on the role of Arab youth in environmental volunteering. A substantial number of young people from both genders attended the event.

During the symposium, the male and female youth cited an array of subjective experiences in volunteering, embodying the spirit of dedication and giving in environment conservation. They highlighted the superb efforts made during their subjective experiences, pointing out that volunteering is a unique experience that leaves an indelible positive footprint on individuals and the community as a whole.

Head of the events and programs department at the Friends of the Environment Center, Zainab Al Shammari, said volunteering is a core pillar that underpins the advanced communities, and its significance emerges in the critical role aimed at promoting social interdependence and building a tight-knit society.

She highlighted that volunteering most consequentially improves the life quality
of individual and the entire community through providing medical and educational services, conserving the environment and organizing the community’s events.

Al Shammari elucidated that volunteering plays a major role in entrenching the core values of citizenship and affiliation and forges understanding and cooperation among the entire community, since it is not merely a secondary activity, but rather an integral part of a wholesome and advanced society that draws on solidarity and social interdependence, as well as achieves sustainable development and welfare for all.

For their part, the attendees underscored that volunteering is an opportunity for self-development, thus bolstering the value of dedication without return, along with the significance of collective action, how all individuals can have even a minor positive impact.

They underlined that volunteering helps forge understanding and engagement among a wide diversity of community segments through interaction with folks from various backgrounds and c

Source: Qatar News Agency