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Fujairah Hospital receives prestigious international JCI accreditation

FUJAIRAH, The Emirates Health Services (EHS) announced that Fujairah Hospital has received the prestigious Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation, raising the total number of the EHS’s accredited hospitals to 15, with a completion rate of 88.4 percent.

This global achievement helps maintain the well-deserved leadership of the UAE at the global level in terms of internationally accredited medical facilities.

Also, such an award contributes to strengthening the excellence of the country’s health sector and highlighting its balanced management of business continuity plans, to continue providing top-notch healthcare services.

A rigorous assessment process was conducted by the expert team, including field visits to the hospital to assess the health services provided in accordance with the international requirements and standards for the quality of medical services in hospitals, along with another assessment conducted remotely from the United States, using cutting-edge audio-visual devices.

Enhancing efficiency and competitiveness Congratulating the staff of Fujairah Hospital, Dr. Youssif Al Serkal, Director-General of the Emirates Health Services, said, “This global achievement is part of the strategic plan of the wise government to get all hospitals and health centres accredited in 2021, to be aligned with the highest international protocols and standards of leadership and innovation.”

The EHS Director-General hinted that the work is underway at an accelerating pace to get Umm Al Qaiwain and Dibba Al Hisn hospitals accredited before the end of 2021, and thus, reaching 100 percent of the relevant national index.

Dr. Kalthoum Al Baloushi, Director of Hospitals Administration, said, “The accreditation journey was running according to a precise timeline as per the World Health Organisation recommendations related to the best international indicators, standards, and practices in the quality field, as well as the application of precautionary measures and the utilisation of the latest telemedicine technologies to maintain patient safety and achieve the preventive agenda.”

Ahmed Al Khadim, Director of Fujairah Hospital, commended the ongoing support of the EHS, which spares no effort to provide the hospital with all the medical equipment and qualified and competent cadres.

He added, “Such support has greatly helped the hospital to carry out its plans and programmes, embrace innovative solutions, and fulfil the requirements of the international accreditation, which includes the provision of best health services and the application of digital work environment, as well as the achievement of job satisfaction, the utilisation of smart services, the attraction of best practices and global expertise, and the provision of an innovation-stimulating environment.”

The JCI standards include 14 main standards branched out to sub-criteria covering all health services. This includes patient safety, access to hospitals and accident departments, standards for patient assessment and diagnosis, treatment plan development and drug management, standards for patient rights and education, standards of senior management and responsibilities, infection control, quality and continuous improvement, human resources standards, employee evaluation, the safety of health facilities and medical devices, and standards for medical records management and health information

Source: Emirates News Agency