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GAC MOTOR Brand Values | Understanding “Technology Innovation”

GUANGZHOU, China, June 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — GAC MOTOR’s sights are firmly set on providing the technology of the future, continually pushing and innovating towards more powerful, more efficient and more enjoyable driving experiences. “Technology innovation” means both creating new technologies, and using these various technologies in completely new ways, innovating in every area to produce cars that are always pushing boundaries.

In-House Innovation

GAC R&D Center, under the flag of GAC Group, weave innovation into the manufacturing process. The Center works around the clock behind the scenes to develop in-house, cutting-edge automobile technologies that make cars faster, quieter, greener and more enjoyable to drive than ever before.

Over 30 billion yuan has been invested in independent research at GAC, yielding many exciting new advances. In 2021, GAC unveiled independently developed and patented “sponge silicon negative chip battery technology”, which makes the silicon negative sheet inside batteries as soft and elastic as sponge, strengthening it against wear and tear from charging and giving it a larger storage capacity. The volume and weight of a single battery can be reduced by 20% and 14% respectively, with projected future reductions of up to 50%.

In the Cockpit: Intelligent Systems

In-car, unique new tech features include the ADiGO smart car ecosystem 4.0, which creates an “intelligent cockpit” through the combination of a highly accurate ‘intelligent voice control system’, a highly capable autopilot mode, and extensive IoT capacities.

Other consumer-side tech developments that make GAC so popular with younger consumers are the features that focus on convenience and comfort, such as wireless device charging, panoramic windows, touchscreens that can be controlled via swiping just like a smartphone, 360-degree parking cameras, and seating position buttons that have a memory.

All these careful, extensively tested innovations give consumers a new driving experience that utilizes cutting edge global technologies. This willingness to embrace technological change is what sets GAC MOTOR apart: always striving to ‘GO AND CHANGE’.

With perfection as the end goal, GAC MOTOR is set on breaking technology barriers and further reaching out on a global scale. Without innovation, there is no change; without change, there is no progress. Technology innovation is at the core of the GAC MOTOR brand, and we are excited to see how the newest capabilities, from greener technology to intelligent or self-driving vehicles, will change the customers’ mobile lives in the future.

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