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General Authority for Foreign Trade Approves New Formation of Joint Saudi-Foreign Business Councils

Riyadh, The General Authority of Foreign Trade in Saudi Arabia (GAFT) approved the final formation of several joint Saudi-foreign business councils for its new 1445-1449 term.

Mohammed bin Nasser Al-Dulaim was appointed chairman of the Saudi-Canadian Business Council and chairman of the executive committee, with Abdullah bin Salem Al-Mukhlis and Abdullah bin Ahmed Al-Ahmed serving as vice chairmen.

Sultan bin Mahdi Al-Qahtani was appointed chairman of the Saudi-Nigerian Business Council and executive committee, with Nasser bin Abdulaziz Al-Sudais and Sultan bin Khalid Al-Turki serving as vice chairmen.

Ayman bin Amin Sajini was appointed chairman of the Saudi-Indonesian Business Council and executive committee, with Osama bin Abdullah Gogandi and Saleh bin Abdullah Al-Qabaa serving as vice chairmen.

GAFT supervises joint business councils with other countries. These councils are collaborative meetings involving representatives from the business sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and their counterparts
in other countries who are investing or conducting commercial operations with their counterpart countries. Currently, there are 43 bilateral and regional business councils in operation.

Source: Saudi Press Agency