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Hajjah vigils celebrate security victory, support Palestinian Resistance

In Hajjah province, vigils held over the exposure of an American spy network and showing solidarity with Palestine were held as well across districts of the province.

like Mubin, al-Jabr al-Gharbi, Al-Kamah in al-Meftah and others. Undersecretaries Dr. Taha al-Hamzi and Ahmed al-Akhfash attended the event, hailing the security achievement which represents as a triumph over global arrogance.

Participants demanded the purge of remaining agents and pledged unwavering support for leadership in countering aggressors.

The participants lauded Yemeni armed forces for confronting American, British, and Israeli hostility, condemning the spy network as historically perilous.

Vigil statements affirmed readiness for defensive jihad against the Zionist-American-British alliance and vowed ongoing support for security measures to safeguard national stability and unity.

Source: Yemen News Agency