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Hajjah Works…advanced steps in developing performance

During the past year, the Public Works and Roads Office in Hajjah governorate achieved advanced steps in developing performance and implementing many projects.

The administration of the Public Works and Roads Office paid attention to monitoring the level of implementation of road projects in the governorate center and the districts according to the specifications and plans drawn up, despite the scarcity of capabilities.

It focused on working in accordance with the national vision to build the modern Yemeni state and developing licensing services to enhance the role in smoothing citizens’ transactions and implementing campaigns to remove stalls from the streets and remove street vendors.

It also focused on following up on building violations within the framework of preserving general plans, preventing attacks on government reservations, and following up on projects implemented with government funding, through humanitarian partners, or through community initiatives.

The field efforts made, according to a re
port issued by the Public Works and Roads Office and received by the Yemeni News Agency (Saba), resulted in the removal of 633 violations, including violations of foundations, fences, boxes, and mattresses, in addition to bumps on the road in a number of districts.

The report indicated that 245 permits were granted with an area of 66,730 square metres, including 135 new building permits with an area of 47,719 square metres, 86 additional building and renewal permits with an area of 10,494 square metres, 5 building new walls with an area of 3,287 square metres, in addition to a restoration license with an area of 10,494 square metres. 30 metres.

According to the report, building permits were distributed in the directorates of the governorate center: 130, Abs 38, Bani Qais 13, Mubin 10, Aslam 10, Mustaba 7, Al-Shaghra 7, and Aflah Al-Sham 6, in addition to 4 permits in Al-Mahabsha.

According to the report, the Public Works Office issued 1,778 licenses to practice professions during the past year, including 1
,694 license renewals and 84 new licenses, including 753 in Abs, 656 in the governorate center, 166 in Bani Qais, 80 in Shaghadara, 55 in Mubin, 37 in Al-Mahabsha, and 20 In Aslam and 4 licenses in Kaaidna District.

Regarding road services, the office and its branches in a number of directorates have implemented, followed up and completed 112 projects in the field of roads, whether funded by the local authority in the governorate, community initiatives, or through humanitarian partners and the Social Fund, with a length of 273 kilometers and 767 metres.

The report showed the implementation of 21 preliminary construction projects with a length of 45 kilometers in the districts of Aslam, Al-Mahabsha, Bani Qais, Kahlan Afar, Aflah Al-Yemen and Sharas, at a total cost of 151 million and 752 thousand riyals.

He added that 46 survey and expansion projects with a length of 146 kilometers were implemented in the directorates of the governorate center, Mubin, Aslam, Bani Qais, Al-Mahabsha, Kahlan Afar, Aflah Al-Yem
en, Washah, Al-Muftah, Khairan Al-Muharraq, and Kahlan Al-Sharaf, at a cost of 202 million and 737 thousand riyals.

According to the report, stone paving projects amounted to 23 projects, with a length of 10,44 meters and a cost of 261 million and 924 thousand riyals in the governorate center and the districts of Mubin, Aslam, Bani Qais, Kahlan Afar, and Kahlan Al-Sharaf.

13 retaining wall construction projects with an area of 767 m3 were implemented in Kahlan Al-Sharaf, Mubin, Al-Muftah and Bani Qais at a cost of 36 million and 700 thousand riyals.

The report added that a 14-km long asphalt road project was completed at a cost of one billion, 224 million and 300 thousand riyals, and 8 asphalt road maintenance projects with a length of 55 kilometers and 723 meters were implemented at a cost of one billion, 8 million and 588 thousand riyals.

According to the report, last year witnessed the provision of the office with the necessary equipment to enhance institutional performance, develop work, activate over
sight, raise the level of performance, follow up on violations, and update and unify procedural aspects.

The Director of the Public Works and Roads Office in the governorate, Engineer Muhammad Safi Al-Din, stressed the office’s keenness to work on the principle of continuous and effective partnership with the Ministry’s affiliated entities, represented by the General Organization for Roads and Bridges and the Road Maintenance Fund, and to coordinate with the Public Works Project and the Social Fund for Development in the areas of roads and infrastructure to ensure the implementation of projects for the regions-the poorest.

He indicated the continued follow-up of the competent authorities in preparing general plans for areas that have not been planned in a number of directorates.

He stated that the office’s work is proceeding in accordance with the 2022-2030 strategy to improve the urban road network, intersections and squares, reduce flood disasters, restore main asphalt roads and asphalting dirt roads in
the governorate center and directorates.

Safi Al-Din stressed the office’s keenness to avoid shortcomings, overcome difficulties facing the workflow, expand its services, and achieve more achievements.

He appreciated the interest and interaction of the governorate’s leadership, its support for the work efforts of the office and its branches, their cooperation in overcoming difficulties, and the role of community initiatives in the field of roads.

Source: Yemen News Agency