Hneifat announces plans to increase rainwater harvesting sites nationwide

Minister of Agriculture, Khaled Hneifat, on Saturday, said the ministry is scheduled to construct 60 rainwater-harvesting pits and dams in 2023, as part of water harvesting projects. Touring water harvesting sites in Central Badia, Hneifat said the ministry implemented 63 pits last year, and continued its plan to construct water-harvesting wells, adding that more than 5,000 wells were built in 2022, while 5,000 others will be launched in 2023. Hneifat added that capacity of the government’s rainwater harvesting projects, which are implemented by ministries of agriculture and water, amounts to 50 million cubic meters. Meanwhile, he said volume of water harvesting in 2022 within the Kingdom’s dams amounted to 3 million cubic meters, expecting that 3 additional million cubic meters will be harvested in pits that will be established in 2023. To continue implementation of Royal directives to advance Jordan’s agricultural sector, he said water harvesting sites are being monitored to maintain sustainability of water resources and rehabilitate most dams and pits.

Source: Jordan News Agency