India braces to contain Nipah as two deaths, four infections confirmed in Kerala

Indian health authorities on Wednesday braced to contain the spread of Nipah virus as two deaths and four infections were confirmed from Southern Indian state of Kerala. Kerala Health Minister Veena George said that the test of samples confirmed that two people form Calicut district died after been infected by the deadly virus while Four others were infected.

A high level team of officials were send to Kerala to help the health workers carry out the necessary precautionary measures. According to local media reports around 350 people have come into contact with the affected and 50 of them are said to be in high risk category. The first death was reported on August followed by another case in September prompting Health authorities to imposed restrictions on movement of people and shut down schools in the affected areas. Those who were in contact with the affected people have been put under quarantine. The central team also advised to carry out health procedures, including searching for features in the family for those who have been in contact, and provided mobile testing centers. Fruit bats are considered the natural host of the deadly virus which affects both animals and humans.

The virus shows symptoms of the disease similar to influenza such as high body temperature and headache.

Source: Kuwait News Agency

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