Iran’s Assembly of Experts elects Mohammad-Ali Kermani as council Pres.

TEHRAN, Members of Iran’s Assembly of Experts for Leadership elected Mohammad-Ali Movahedi Kermani as the president of the council with a majority of 55 votes out of 88 for a duration of two years.

The official state television broadcasted the proceedings of the council’s first session of the sixth term, during which Kermani, 93, was elected as the president of the council.

The 88 members of the council are elected directly by citizens for a term of eight years, the latest elections took place at the beginning of March, coinciding with the legislative elections.

The Assembly of Experts for Leadership Council — a significant constitutional body — is responsible for electing and removing the Supreme Leader of Iran in case of incapacity or loss of leadership qualifications, as well as supervising his performance.

According to the law governing the elections of council members, they must be well versed in Islamic Jurisprudence and identify who meets the leadership criteria, additionally, the winning candida
te must also be knowledgeable about politics and social issues.

Source: Kuwait News Agency