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Israeli NGO unveils plan to build 8,400 settlement units in occupied Jerusalem

Occupied Jerusalem: An Israeli anti-settlement NGO unveiled a government plan to expand or build new settlements inside or near Palestinian neighborhoods in occupied East Jerusalem.

The Ir Amim human rights organization said that 17 structural designs have been forwarded for Israelis inside the “Green Line” in occupied East Jerusalem since October 7, involving the construction of more than 8,400 settlement units, including four new settlements inside or near Palestinian neighborhoods.

At a time when the eyes of the world are turned on the Gaza Strip and the Lebanese border, projects are being promoted in settlements east of Jerusalem at an unprecedented speed, and are quickly approved by Benjamin Netanyahu’s far-right government, the organization said.

It said the occupation government was using the war on Gaza to create new facts in the Palestinian territories, this time in the “Novi Rahil” settlement, which will be built at the entrance to the main Umm Tuba neighborhood southeast of occupied Jerusalem, w
here 650 new settler units will be built.

Source: Jordan News Agency