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Jordan Pavilion Opens at Gulfood 2024 in Dubai

Amman: A Jordanian pavilion made its debut on Monday at the Gulf Food Exhibition (Gulfood 2024) in Dubai, focusing on food and food technology.

Spanning 700 square meters, the pavilion, inaugurated by President of the Jordan Chamber of Industry (JCI) Fathi Jaghbir, showcases the offerings of 35 local companies specializing in the food industry.

In opening remarks, Jaghbir emphasized the significance of Jordan’s consistent presence at Gulfood, noting its past impact on boosting national exports and accessing new markets. He highlighted the exhibition as a platform for local industries to forge partnerships with global suppliers, distributors, importers, and merchants.

Jaghbir said the JCI, in collaboration with the Jordan Exporters Association (JEA), aims to expand the Jordanian pavilion’s footprint in future editions to capitalize on the diverse international participation at Gulfood.

He underscored the adherence of local factories to international standards for food quality and safety, essential for pene
trating global and regional markets. Additionally, several food factories have acquired accreditation from the US Food and Drug Administration, enabling exports to the United States.

Jaghbir urged companies to leverage JCI’s development programs across industrial sectors and its support initiatives for both local and international exhibitions.

Ahmed Khudari, President of JEA, highlighted the association’s coordination of Jordanian participation in Gulfood for the 20th time in a row. He noted the pavilion’s representation of Jordanian companies specializing in juices, meat, dairy products, dates, spices, sweets, among others.

Source: Jordan News Agency