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Left to Survive Arrives on AppGallery with Massive Promotion Following Huawei Partnership

SHENZHEN, China, June 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Huawei has partnered with the top Russian gaming publisher MY.GAMES and its Whalekit Studio to bring their zombie shooting game Left to Survive to AppGallery. In onboarding the game, AppGallery provided extensive technical support to integrate Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) Core within the game, and leveraged its marketing resources for the launch promotion.

Left to Survive

Left to Survive is the ultimate test of players’ reaction skills, offering players countless hours of exciting gameplay interweaved with deep strategic mechanics and customisation across multiple gaming modes.

MY.GAMES is also offering Huawei players exclusive promotions and a gift package worth US$ 25 containing in-game currency and boosts. From 15th June, AppGallery gamers can redeem the gift in-game after the installation, and enjoy discounts on certain in-app purchases (IAP) to gain an invaluable edge over their competitors.

“MY.GAMES is thrilled to onboard AppGallery. We are confident that Left to Survive will impress AppGallery users from all around the world through its exciting fast-paced gameplay,” said Vasiliy Meshkoy, Lead Producer at Whalekit. “We are hoping that the relationship between the two companies extend beyond Left to Survive, and that we will be able to bring more titles onboard the platform.”

Huawei empowers MY.GAMES to supercharge the gameplay experience

As one of the fastest-growing global app marketplaces, AppGallery is committed to the success of all its partners. The two teams worked closely to integrate the HUAWEI IAP Kit and HUAWEI Ads Kit from the HMS Core, a rich array of open device and cloud capabilities developed by Huawei.

The IAP Kit facilitates a secure in-app payment experience, allowing Huawei gamers to elevate their gameplay experience with a well-deserved peace of mind. Similarly, Ads Kit empowers MY.GAMES to deliver promotions to their players, expanding their horizon to other content without disrupting their gaming experience.

Left to Survive on AppGallery.

Left to Survive detailed regional promotions:


a. 1x exclusive gift package worth US$ 25 containing 100 gold and 50 boosters

Between 17th June and 1st July, AppGallery players in the following regions will also be able to enjoy:


a. 1x 2€ coupon for any in-app purchases over 4€
b. 1x 4€ coupon for the purchase of Battle Pass


a. 1x ₽80 coupon for any in-app purchases over ₽89
b. 2x ₽150 coupons for any in-app purchases over ₽219
c. 2x ₽190 coupons for any in-app purchases over ₽370
d. 1x ₽417 coupon for the purchase of Battle Pass
e. 1x ₽680 coupon for the purchase of Battle Pass Plus

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