Caretaker Information Minister, Ziad Makary, delivered a speech on behalf of Lebanon at the opening of the “Operation Truth” forum in the Cuban capital, Havana. The event was attended by a significant number of influential political and media figures from over 30 countries.

Makary commenced his address with a salute to the resilient and revolutionary spirit of the Cuban people, emphasizing their steadfastness as an inspiring example of the power of nations to triumph with determination and national spirit.

Makary then remarked on the “Operation Truth” initiative, launched by Cuban President Fidel Castro 65 years ago, ‘as perhaps the first comprehensive media plan to combat fake news, especially prevalent during conflicts such as the Gaza war, where the Israeli enemy’s media deliberately distorts global public opinion with its false narratives since the very onset of the conflict.

“The Gaza war demonstrated that truth is a fundamental weapon in resisting Israel’s crimes,’ Makary added.

The Minister went o
n to highlight the sacrifices of Lebanese and Palestinian media during the Gaza war, acknowledging the strength and activism of the Israeli propaganda machine. He underscored the existence of a resilient and effective resistance media exposing falsehoods.

“Resistance media is the most potent weapon in the Gaza war, and it is no coincidence that we gather here in Havana to discuss the effectiveness and importance of media in critical junctures, while the war against Gaza and its steadfast people continues for over a hundred days,’ Makary said, calling for a comprehensive confrontation with the Israeli occupier on military, political, economic, and social fronts.

Makary also extended his greetings to the resilient Palestinian people and saluted South Lebanon, which witnesses daily confrontations and resistance.

Addressing Lebanese-Cuban relations, Makary expressed pride in the historical and distinctive ties between Lebanon and Cuba, emphasizing the need for improvement and development across all sectors, in
cluding political, economic, cultural, educational, and tourism.

The Information Minister called for increased collaboration in the media field and noted Cuba’s establishment of several journalistic institutions dedicated to the Lebanese community, keeping them informed about news from their homeland.

The Minister then expressed hope that the Lebanese community in Cuba would serve as a catalyst for enhancing political, tourist, economic, cultural, and scientific relations between the two countries. He affirmed Lebanon’s readiness to exert all efforts to develop relations with Cuba, citing the opportune moment for such initiatives.

“62 years of the blockade on Cuba, and despite all these years, it remains a country resisting culturally, scientifically, artistically, literarily, medically, and engineering-wise to prevent the downfall and humiliation of its people. Those who resist remain victorious!” Makary concluded.

Minister Makary had the opportunity to meet with the President of Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Canel,
and several government officials during the forum, which convened in Havana at the invitation of “Prensa Latina” agency and “Al Mayadeen” news channel.

The event garnered significant interest from the Cuban government and drew political and media participants from over thirty countries worldwide.

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon