Minister of Justice inaugurates 25th Batch at Higher Judicial Institute in Sana’a

Judge Nabil Nasser Al-Azzani, the Caretaker Minister of Justice and Chairman of the Council of the Higher Judicial Institute, on Tuesday inaugurated the academic year for the 25th batch and the Criminal Sciences Diploma at the institute. The event also marked the commencement of the second academic year for students of the 24th batch.

The inauguration ceremony, attended by Judge Saad Ahmed Hadi, Secretary General of the Supreme Judicial Council, and Dr. Muhammad al-Shami, Dean of the Higher Judicial Institute, emphasized the importance of students adhering to institute regulations and preserving its facilities.

Minister al-Azzani highlighted the significance of equipping students with knowledge, ethical values, and spiritual principles essential for effective judicial practice and emphasized their responsibility in upholding religious and national duties.

He underscored the judiciary’s commitment to academic excellence and ethical conduct, noting that a judge’s character and behavior are crucial in earning
public trust and respect.

Al-Azzani expressed optimism about the students’ potential contributions to achieving justice and urged them to apply their learning in judicial settings to uphold the principles of law and order.”

Source: Yemen News Agency

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