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Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs Gears Up for Hajj with Robust Medical Services, Prioritizes Heat Stress Management

Makkah, The Health Affairs Department of the Ministry of the National Guard has prioritized heat stress management within its comprehensive preparations to serve pilgrims during the Hajj season. This year’s plan aligns with the efforts of other government sectors to ensure a safe and healthy pilgrimage for all.

The department deploys medical facilities across the holy sites, including Mina and Arafat. These facilities will comprise five clinics designated for men, women, and people with respiratory illnesses. Notably, 26 inpatient beds will be available, including dedicated intensive care units and isolation rooms for infectious diseases. Additionally, a dedicated space for minor surgeries and dressings, along with a dental clinic, will be operational.

Furthermore, the ministry will participate for the second consecutive year in the Heat Stress and Sunstroke Center located in Arafat. This state-of-the-art facility boasts 20 beds equipped with the latest technology to manage heat-related emergencies. Notably
, the center features an air and water spray distribution system designed to cool the entire body effectively. Clinics for both genders and an outpatient pharmacy will also be available within the center.

Source: Saudi Press Agency