National Accord” bloc MPs Faisal Karami, Taha Naji, Hassan Murad, Mohammed Yahya and Adnan Trabulsi, on Tuesday met with the Ambassadors of the Quintet Committee.

The meeting took place at the residence of the Egyptian Ambassador to Lebanon, Alaa Moussa, in Aramoun.

The Quintet committee includes US Ambassador Lisa Johnson, French Ambassador Hervé Magro, KSA Ambassador Walid Bukhari, Egyptian Ambassador Alaa Moussa, and Qatari Ambassador Saoud bin Abdulrahman Al Thani.

Discussions touched on the latest developments related to the election of a new President of the Lebanese Republic and the means to achieve this entitlement.

Following the meeting, MP Karami said: ‘We have sensed a push from the ‘quintet’ towards a solution in Lebanon in terms of electing a president of the republic, especially since Lebanon is going through a stage that is considered more dangerous than ever before.’ Karami added: “It is clear that there is no salvation or solution except through dialogue, and it is also clear that the Qui
ntet’s trust in Speaker Nabih Berri is great.’

Karami also indicated that ‘there is nothing new with the quintet, but only seeking opinions.’

Karami concluded by saying: ‘The name of the candidate we support is known and we are ready to go to any lengths to defend him.’

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon