NCM warns of fog formation and poor visibilityWHISKY LIVE BEIRUT KICKS OFF ITS SIXTH EDITION

The National Centre of Meteorology urged UAE motorists to follow the traffic regulations regarding the chance of fog formations.

In a statement tonight, NCM cautioned against a deterioration in horizontal visibility, which may drop even further at times over some internal and coastal areas from 01:00 until 10:00 tomorrow.

Source: Emirates News Agency

Whisky Live Beirut, the world’s renownedwhisky tasting event, kicked off its sixth edition today at a new location, AVA Venue, Achrafieh.

The opening of the three-day event was held in the presence of Mr. Tony Ramy, on behalf of the Lebanese Minister of Tourism, H.E Walid Nassar, as well as heads of ministries, association presidents, ambassadors and media figures, in addition to a select crowd of whisky enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

Joumana Dammous-Salamé, managing director of Hospitality Services, the event organizer, revealed that the decision to go ahead with the 6th edition of Whisky Live was taken only one week ago. Salamé raised a toast to ‘Our beloved Lebanon and the wonderful dreamers who keep fighting for its future’. Lastly, she promised the audience ‘a lively program’ with exceptional activities hosted by passionate experts and mixologists.

This year’s edition gathers together producers, distributors and suppliers from across the globe. Visitors will be provided with a rare opportunity to tast
e some of the finest international whiskies fromScotland, Ireland, the United Kingdom, United States, Japan, Switzerland and beyond. In addition to the tasting area, Whisky Live Beirut is hosting more than 20 masterclasses with renowned expertsand mixologists, who will be sharing their know-how and trade secrets.

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Tickets for Whisky Live Beirut can be purchased on the door. The event runs from 6-8 December, from 5-11 pm daily.

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon