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Nehm customs center thwarts attempt to smuggle quantity of medicines

Nehm customs center thwarted an attempt to smuggle Solpadeen medicines that were hidden inside a water heater.

The director of the Nehm customs center, Youssef al-Ammari, told Saba that the customs officers at the center discovered an attempt to smuggle two thousand and 280 Solpadeen tape that were hidden inside a water heater.

He stressed that the center will not tolerate the seizure of various goods and materials that are not authorized to enter the country for the benefit of the country and the health and safety of citizens.

It is worth noting that the Nehm center and other customs centers thwarted the smuggling of large quantities of restricted and prohibited medicines that are smuggled in very poor conditions, making them a deadly poison, in addition to the fact that part of them are prohibited to be imported due to their danger.

Source: Yemen News Agency