Nigerian Pilgrim Welcomes First Hajj Baby of the Season in Makkah

Makkah: A 30-year-old Nigerian pilgrim has given birth to a healthy baby boy, the first newborn arrival this Hajj season, 1445 AH.

The baby, named Mohammed, entered the world at the Makkah Maternity and Children’s Hospital.

The pilgrim arrived at the hospital’s emergency room experiencing labor pains at 31 weeks of pregnancy. The emergency team swiftly assessed her condition and transferred her to the maternity ward where she gave natural birth. While the mother is recovering and in good health, baby Mohammed is receiving specialized care due to his premature arrival.

The Makkah Maternity and Children’s Hospital operates at full capacity during Hajj to provide exceptional healthcare services to pilgrims. These include emergency care, childbirth support, and comprehensive women’s and children’s medical services, all at the highest international standards.

The hospital witnesses numerous births each year during the Hajj season, and ensures that every mother and child receives the utmost attention and care.

he Nigerian pilgrim expressed heartfelt gratitude to the medical staff for their exceptional care and attention during delivery.

Source: Saudi Press Agency