Nuseirat Municipality: The occupation destroyed 25 thousand square meters during its aggression against the camp

Gaza – Ma’an – The Nuseirat Municipality reported that the occupation destroyed about 25,000 square meters of main and secondary roads and streets and 5 main squares and intersections.

The municipality stated in a statement today, Thursday, that the occupation destroyed 12 water wells, about 4,000 linear meters of water networks, 15 water valves, and two water desalination plants.

Also destroyed were 10 electricity generators that operate generators to pump water into the network, and 6 solar energy systems that serve municipal facilities.

She pointed out that about 20,000 tons of waste had been accumulated in the streets and around shelter centers due to the depletion of fuel, the destruction of a number of municipal machinery, and the prevention of municipal crews from reaching a number of areas in Nuseirat.

The municipality added that 3,550 linear meters of sewage networks, 650 linear meters of rainwater drainage networks, and two sewage stations were destroyed.

She stated that the occupation targeted
5 vehicles of different sizes, most of which work in collecting and transporting waste and following up on and treating sewage complaints, in addition to destroying about 6,600 trees from public streets, the municipal nursery, and the main park.

The municipality noted that it suffers from a significant scarcity of diesel needed to operate water wells and pump it into the network, in addition to operating sewage treatment plants.

Source: Maan News Agency