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Ooredoo Enhances Cloud Transformation of Qatar Airways on Google Cloud

Doha: Ooredoo has entered a partnership with Qatar Airways, one of the worlds top airlines, to embark on a large-scale cloud adoption journey. In collaboration with Google Cloud, this initiative marks a significant milestone in both organizations commitment to digital innovation in Qatar and positions Ooredoo as a key Hybrid Cloud provider in the region.

This strategic alliance will see Qatar Airways working with Ooredoo to leverage Google Clouds data analytics and artificial intelligence solutions for enhanced customer experiences and sustainability. The partnership involves creating a hybrid multi-cloud environment, combining the vast AI capabilities of Google Cloud with Qatar Airways Private Cloud environment. This innovative approach is set to further upgrade and enhance Qatar Airways business processes, commercial capabilities, and overall customer experience.

Chief Business Officer at Ooredoo Qatar Thani Ali Al Malki commented on this significant partnership, stating that, “Our collaboration with Qata
r Airways represents a pivotal shift in the digital landscape, harnessing Google Cloud’s extensive artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to gain valuable insights. These insights will help enhance customer services and provide an avenue for continuous improvement. The strategic partnership aims to drive operational efficiencies for one of the world’s top-ranked airlines, showcasing our dedication to delivering cutting-edge cloud solutions that cater to the evolving needs of our customers.” A key component of this collaboration is the use of Google Clouds services, hosted in Googles cloud region in Qatar. This setup provides Qatar Airways with crucial controls to help maintain high security standards, meet local data residency requirements and compliance standards while also offering the flexibility to scale as their business needs evolve.

For his part, Group Chief Information Officer at Qatar Airways A.T. Srinivasan said, “Qatar Airways is embarking on a transformative data journey with o
ur customers at the heart of this transformation. Our partnership with Ooredoo and Google Cloud will allow our organization to leverage the power of cloud computing, AI and Analytics and offer our customers with a hyper-personalized experience across our customer touchpoints. Having a 360 degree view of our customers will enable us to anticipate and respond to our customers needs and provide advanced services that will keep Qatar Airways at the forefront of the airline industry.”

Source: Qatar News Agency