150 settlers storm Al-Aqsa Mosque

Jerusalem – Together – Today, Sunday, dozens of settlers invaded the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, guarded by the occupation forces.

150 settlers stormed Al-Aqsa, during the morning and afternoon raids, and they performed prayers during the storming of Al-Aqsa, guarded by the occupation forces.

The settlers wore T-shirts bearing a picture of ‘the alleged temple’ and ‘the Israeli flag… whoever rules this place rules the entire country.’

At the gates of Al-Aqsa, forces continue to be stationed there, arresting those arriving to Al-Aqsa, checking identities, and preventing some from entering the mosque without any reason.

The forces also stormed towns and neighborhoods in the city of Jerusalem, and carried out various arrests from the city.

Source: Maan News Agency

Mawani, Reviva Sign an Agreement to Establish a Plant for Recycling Marine and Industrial Waste at Jeddah Islamic Port

Riyadh: The Saudi Ports Authority (Mawani) and Global Environmental Management Services Ltd. (Reviva), a subsidiary of Saudi Investment Recycling Company (SIRC) Group, signed an agreement today to establish a plant for recycling marine and industrial waste at Jeddah Islamic Port. The project, valued at SAR 30 million, will cover an area of 10,000 square meters.

The agreement was signed by Mawani’s President Omar bin Talal Hariri and SIRC’s CEO Eng. Ziad bin Mohammed Al-Shiha in the presence of other officials.

This initiative is part of Mawani’s efforts to promote environmental sustainability, ensure marine safety, and develop a sustainable maritime sector. It aligns with the National Transport and Logistics Strategy and the Green Ports Initiative, aiming to bolster Saudi Arabia’s position as a global logistics center and a hub connecting three continents.

The new plant will enhance waste utilization by converting waste into valuable resources, thereby promoting a thriving circular economy in the Kingdom.
It will offer comprehensive waste management and recycling solutions, industrial maintenance services, by-product recycling, and transportation services, which will minimize waste generation and improve waste management operations while preserving the environment.

The collaboration between Mawani and Reviva will contribute to the Kingdom’s waste management goals as part of Saudi Vision 2030 and increase the private sector’s role in supporting economic growth. The initiative aims to position Jeddah Islamic Port among the top 10 ports globally.

Mawani is committed to launching pioneering initiatives connected to the Saudi Green Initiative, focusing on emission reduction and climate change control, while also strengthening public-private partnerships to enhance the global commercial appeal of the Kingdom’s ports.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

Settlers erect a tower in Masafer Yatta

Hebron – Together – The coordinator of the Popular and National Committees to Resist the Wall and Settlements in South Hebron, Ratib Al-Jabour, expressed his concern about settlers erecting a tower in the Khallet Al-Farra area in Musafer Yatta.

Al-Jabour said, ‘Gangs from the Otniel settlement have erected a tower in Khallet Al-Farra, which is under a major settlement attack, to seize more citizens’ lands and annex them to the settlement.’

Source: Maan News Agency

GACA Issues Airports Performance Report for May 2024

Riyadh: The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) issued its May report on the performance of domestic and international airports in Saudi Arabia.

Airports are assessed based on 11 operational performance standards, which align with strategic objectives to enhance services and ensure a seamless traveller experience at Kingdom airports.

The report ranked King Khalid International Airport, King Fahd International Airport, Abha International Airport, Qaisumah Airport, and Arar Airport highly.

GACA categorizes airports for performance evaluation based on annual passenger numbers, ensuring a transparent approach.

King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh secured the top spot in the category of airports with more than 15 million passengers annually, with an 82% compliance rate. Following closely behind was King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah at 73%.

In the category of international airports serving 5 to 15 million passengers annually, King Fahd International Airport and Prince Mohammed bin Ab
dulaziz International Airport tied for first place, with a 91% compliance rate. However, King Fahd International Airport outperformed its competitor in achieving] standards percentage.

In the 2 to 5 million annual passenger category, Abha International Airport and King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Airport in Jizan demonstrated a 100% compliance rate. However, Abha International Airport outperformed King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Airport by surpassing higher targets in the specified evaluation criteria.

In the category of less than 2 million passengers annually, Qaisumah International Airport achieved a 100% compliance rate, outperforming its competitors regarding average waiting time for departing and arriving flights.

Arar Airport came first in the domestic airport category, with a 100% compliance rate. It outperformed all competing airports regarding average waiting time for departing and arriving flights.

GACA evaluates airport performance through operational performance standards focused on critical passenger
touchpoints. These include check-in, security, passport control, customs, baggage claim, and assistance for passengers with reduced mobility (PRM). These metrics ensure a seamless and efficient travel experience for all passengers and are aligned with international best practices.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

The occupation arrests 5 citizens, including 3 children, from Hebron Governorate

Hebron – Ma’an – The Israeli occupation forces arrested five citizens, including three children, during raids and search operations in Hebron, Dura, Sa’ir, Yatta Al-Dhaheriya and Bani Naim. During that time, they stormed many citizens’ homes and destroyed their contents during their searches.

Media activist in Beit Ummar, Muhammad Ayyad Awad, reported that the occupation forces raided, at dawn today, the center of Beit Ummar and Shaab al-Sir, and stormed several homes, searching them, tampering with their contents, searching the lands surrounding these homes, and detaining family members inside individual rooms.

Awad added, during this, three children were arrested: Uday Raed Izzat Awad, 14 years old, who was assaulted by the occupation soldiers in front of his family. The two brothers, Wadih and Reda Sami Hassan Awad, 14 years old and 13 years old, were also arrested and transferred to an unknown location.

In the town of Sa’ir, the occupation forces arrested high school student Ahmed Musa Jaradat after ra
iding his family’s home and thoroughly searching it.

The young man, Muhammad Al-Sayed Ahmed Abu Al-Zein, was also arrested after a raid on his family home in the city of Dura.

During the occupation forces’ storming of the city of Dura, confrontations broke out in the Al-Shurfa area, where the occupation soldiers fired tear gas canisters, causing a number of citizens to suffer from suffocation, and they were treated in the field.

Source: Maan News Agency

President of Religious Affairs Launches ‘Answering Inquirers’ Initiative via Phone for Grand Mosque’s Visitors

Makkah: President of Religious Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque Sheikh Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Sudais has launched the “Answering Inquirers” initiative via phone to respond to religious inquiries from visitors of the Grand Mosque, guiding them in performing their worship and Umrah rituals correctly.

Al-Sudais stated that the initiative aims to streamline processes for Grand Mosque visitors and enhance the functions of initiative offices, which address questions from visitors and instruct them on adhering to the teachings of Prophet Muhammad during Umrah rituals.

The initiative’s administration, comprising scholars, judges, and educators, endeavors to educate pilgrims and visitors on various Islamic issues to ensure their worship adheres to proper religious guidelines.

Source: Saudi Press Agency