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Presidency of Religious Affairs Enhances ‘Digital Awareness Bags’ Initiative During Hajj Season

Makkah, The Presidency of Religious Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque has enhanced its plans to invest in technology and smart applications.

According to its executive plan, during the peak of the Hajj season 1445 AH, the presidency aims to activate the “Digital Bags” initiative to keep up with the increasing number of pilgrims.

As part of a comprehensive series of initiatives, the presidency is committed to enhancing pilgrims’ religious and scientific experience during the Hajj season.

This initiative aligns with their mission to convey the Kingdom’s message of moderation to the world. The ultimate goal is to benefit the largest number of Muslims, and to promote the true image of Islam, which is based on tolerance, moderation, mercy, and love, and to spread goodness and peace.

The “Digital Bags” initiative includes booklets focused on a moderate approach, compassion, and advice to the nation. These booklets shed light on essential aspects of a Muslim’s life.

The initiative also includ
es the option to translate and download booklets by scanning the barcode. This barcode allows pilgrims to browse the entire content of the brochure in their language, enrich their religious experience, and easily circulate and disseminate it.

Source: Saudi Press Agency