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Qatari Newspapers Editorials

Doha: Qatari newspaper focused on several local and Arab topics in their Wednesday editorials.

They praised the National Cyber Security Agencys announcement of its intention to launch the National Cyber Security Academy during the current year, as this initiative aims to enhance capabilities and digital safety, and raise the level of cyber awareness among employees of government and private institutions.

On the domestic front, the newspapers also highlighted the importance of activities offered by various summer centers with the aim of developing students skills, refining their talents, enhancing positive behaviors in children and contributing to developing their abilities. The newspapers praised the notable efforts made by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and the Ministry of Sports and Youth in this context.

Qatari newspapers also denounced the Israeli occupation forces continued intense bombardment of Gaza, as life in the Gaza Strip turned into a daily struggle for survival. The newspapers
called for urgent international action to end this brutal aggression immediately before the circle of violence and conflict expands to constitute a more serious threat to international peace and security.

For its part, English-language newspaper The Peninsula highlighted the plans of the National Cyber Security Agency (NCSA) to launch the National Cyber Security Academy this year, noting that the primary goal of the academy is to improve digital safety skills and increase cyber awareness among both government and private sector employees.

The newspaper said in its editorial titled “Cyber Security Academy: A Noble Idea” that the establishment of the Cyber Security Academy comes at a very auspicious time, and will contribute to offering a strategic advantage by bolstering national security, driving economic growth, developing a skilled workforce, promoting research and innovation, raising public awareness, enhancing global competitiveness, and supporting the development of ethical and legal frameworks.

The a
cademy will foster additional job creation, not only in the academic and training sectors but also in the broader cybersecurity industry. A steady supply of well-trained cybersecurity professionals will also support the growth of the IT sector, attracting businesses that rely on secure digital infrastructure, the paper added.

The Peninsula concluded its editorial by stating that this noble idea deserves all the support of everyone, as it will, once again, enhance Qatars leadership role in the region and the global stage.

In another local matter, Al-Watan newspaper said that in addition to the various festivals and events held in Qatar during the summer, there are many other activities that take into account both learning and entertainment. These include the activities of various summer centers that aim to develop students skills and hone their talents through various programs in which Ministry of Education and Higher Education and the Ministry of Sports and Youth have put great efforts in.

These activities
were carefully considered to encourage students to invest their time during the summer vacation in fun and purposeful activities, enabling them to deal with the requirements of life with flexibility, and face challenges with wisdom and fortitude. These activities vary between scientific, sports, recreational, social, artistic, technical and awareness activities, and are suitable for all primary, middle and secondary school students, the paper added.

Important issues within these activities include topics such as national identity, interaction with humanitarian and volunteer issues, and cybersecurity; topics that everybody should ensure progress in dealing with in order to contribute to deepening the most pressing values and concepts, Al-Watan concluded.

Source: Qatar News Agency