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Raymah commemorates Ashura, stands in solidarity with Palestinians

On Tuesday in Raymah province , an event commemorated the anniversary of Ashura, marking the martyrdom of Imam Hussein and expressing solidarity with the Palestinian people.

During the event, Attorney General Dr. Mohammed al-Dailami emphasized the significance of honoring Ashura to draw strength from Imam Hussein’s courage and emulate his sacrifice in confronting the American-Saudi aggression. Dr. Al-Dailami recounted Imam Hussein’s legacy of resistance against tyrannical powers and his refusal to accept oppression.

Governor’s representative Yaish al-Dhabibi described the tragedy of Karbala as a pivotal moment for the Islamic community, highlighting Imam Hussein’s steadfastness in defending truth and resisting tyranny. He likened the plight of Yemenis and Palestinians to Imam Hussein’s struggle against oppression.

Deputy mobilization official Mahdi al-Khadhmi underscored the importance of learning from Imam Hussein’s sacrifices, emphasizing his defiance against tyrants as a source of inspiration.

Yemen News Agency