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Sa’ada tribes declare solidarity with Palestine, back Yemen’s security achievements

An armed tribal gathering convened in Jawi area in Munabeh district of Sa’ada province, extending congratulations for recent security and military achievements in countering enemies and aggression tools.

The gathering announced its endorsement of the revolutionary leader’s authority over all matters concerning the nation’s affairs and steadfast support for Palestine.

Participants reiterated unwavering solidarity with the Palestinian people and their courageous resistance, commending their efforts to defend rights and liberate holy sites from Zionist occupation.

They reaffirmed strong backing for Yemeni armed forces’ operations against Zionist and American targets, advocating for general mobilization in preparation for the promised conquest battle and holy jihad, while denouncing American and British escalations.

The statement lauded security services for exposing espionage networks undermining Yemen’s interests across military, economic, and other sectors, hailing this as a historic victory against homela
nd enemies.

It underscored the revolutionary leadership’s authority to confront national tools, reform state institutions, and resist aggressive Saudi measures affecting Yemeni interests.

Additionally, the statement called for purging state institutions of traitors and imposing deterrent measures against those complicit in betraying the nation and implementing foreign agendas hostile to Yemen.

Source: Yemen News Agency