Saudi Health Council Streamlines Medical Coding and Classification for Improved Healthcare and Insurance

The Saudi Health Council has introduced regulations for medical coding and classification to implement the coding system in the Kingdom’s healthcare and insurance sectors.

These regulations involve identifying healthcare facilities and establishments related to the coding system, establishing requirements for implementation, and implementing registration and licensing processes. They also include mechanisms for cooperation and coordination with government agencies, as well as monitoring and supervision of the system’s implementation in the healthcare sectors.

The General Manager of the National Health Information Center, Waleed Al Bahli, emphasized that the regulatory document for medical coding aims to organize the coding and classification of medical data and establish unified standards for issuing and renewing medical coding licenses. It is also connected to the National Platform for Health Information Exchange Services (NPHIES).

These regulations provide a framework for implementing the coding system i
n the Kingdom, leading to improvements in the quality and efficiency of healthcare services. They facilitate the exchange of health information among relevant entities, support health planning, digital transformation, studies, statistics, research, and innovation, and enable tracking diseases and causes of death.

These efforts are part of the Saudi Health Council’s initiatives to enhance the quality and efficiency of healthcare and make it more accessible through the digitization of the healthcare sector.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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