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Saudi Scouts Association Offers Diverse Opportunities for 4,200 Volunteers During Hajj

Makkah, Deputy President of the Saudi Arabian Scouts Association and General Supervisor of public service camps in Makkah and the holy sites Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Mudayris announced the initiation of volunteer opportunities at the camps. These opportunities, targeting 4,200 volunteers, can be accessed through the National Volunteer Portal.

Al-Mudayris emphasized the significance of volunteer work in community building, fostering national belonging, and nurturing generations. He highlighted how volunteering offers youth the chance to develop their personalities and acquire new skills that promote positive values. Al-Mudayris acknowledged the support of the leadership in strengthening volunteer work, aligning with the goals of Vision 2030.

Furthermore, Al-Mudayris commended the remarkable efforts of all volunteers and scout leaders in the camps. Their efforts have been focused on serving pilgrims and ensuring the smooth performance of Hajj rituals.

Source: Saudi Press Agency