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Settlers bulldoze and close the northern entrance to Salfit

Salfit – Ma’an – Settlers from the “Ariel” settlement, built on citizens’ lands, closed today the northern entrance to Salfit with an iron gate and carried out excavations on the main street in order to prevent vehicles from passing through it.

Citizens said that settlers’ bulldozers leveled and dug up the main street near the main entrance to Salfit, and then closed the gate at the entrance, to prevent citizens from entering and exiting it.

Citizens added that the settlers are constantly closing the northern entrance, under flimsy pretexts in order to deprive Palestinians from passing through the streets, and only allow settlers’ vehicles, pointing out that the entrance is considered a vital entrance to the city of Salfit and is considered the center of the governorate and the presence of institutions, the most important of which is the only hospital for the people of the governorate.

It is noteworthy that the eastern entrance to Salfit towards the village of Yasuf has been closed since the events of Octo
ber 7, with an iron gate.

Source: Maan News Agency