Since the attack on Gaza, the occupation has arrested about 100 journalists, 40 of whom are still in captivity.

Ramallah – Ma’an – The Palestinian Journalists Syndicate confirmed that the Israeli occupation army has arrested about 100 Palestinian journalists since the beginning of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip on October 7 last year.

A statement by the Syndicate’s Freedoms Committee indicated that among the 100 prisoners, there were about 10 female journalists who were arrested, and 4 of them are still in the occupation prisons.

The statement showed that the ferocity of the arrest targeting occurred in October and November of last year, when about 50 journalists were arbitrarily arrested, while about 40 of them are still in Israeli prisons.

The statement added that most of the journalists were beaten at the moment of arrest, despite the presence of medical conditions among them. They did not receive any kind of treatment or health follow-up, which puts their lives in danger, especially in light of the difficult circumstances experienced by the masses of male and female prisoners in prisons that witness be
atings, humiliation, threats, and deprivation of the most basic rights to visits from family and lawyers. As well as preventing the Red Cross from visiting them, in clear violation of the Geneva Conventions and all international norms.

The statement revealed that there were about 13 journalists in occupation prisons before October 7 of last year, and that most of the prisoner journalists are detained under unjust administrative detention laws, while others are still detained awaiting military courts.

The statement warned of the unknown fate of many fellow journalists detained from the Gaza Strip in enforced disappearance and a real threat to their lives, as is the case of many of them, such as Nidal Al-Wahidi, Haitham Abdel-Wahed, Imad Al-Afranji, and Muhammad Arab, whose news has been completely cut off, which makes them people with an unknown fate.

The statement called on the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the Executive Director of UNESCO, and the International Federation of Journalists to inte
rvene with all relevant parties to stop this crime against male and female prisoners of war in the occupation prisons.

Source: Maan News Agency