Sirwah people blesses security achievement by exposing spy cells

The people of Sirwah district in Marib governorate organized on Tuesday an armed tribal vigil to bless the security achievements in exposing US-Israeli spy cells.

The participants in the vigil affirmed the absolute mandate of the Revolution leader to take appropriate options to deter the American-Saudi enemy and support the Palestinian people.

They praised the role of the security services in exposing the spy network that works for the benefit of the American enemy, and against the interest of the Yemeni people in several fields. They considered this achievement a historic victory over the enemies of the homeland.

They affirmed their full support for the Palestinian people and their valiant resistance in the face of the Israeli occupation, and the legendary steadfastness of the people of the Gaza Strip in confronting the barbaric Zionist onslaught.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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