Steady voting of Sharjah Consultative Council elections; winners to be declared Thursday

For the second day in a row, citizens across the emirate of Sharjah continued to cast their ballot in the ongoing Sharjah Consultative Council elections in order to choose 25 members of the advisory body, representing various cities and regions of the emirate.

Even as the dedicated poll website registered a steady stream of citizens going online to electronically choose their representatives for the third edition of the highest consultative and advisory body in the Emirate, the polling centres spersed throughout the Emirate have also been receiving more and more citizens to exercise their all important vote in person.

Voters across the Emirate have been all praise for the world-class facilities and mechanisms put in place by authorities in the Emirate in order to ensure smooth, transparent and accurate SCC elections.

The smooth arrangements have also clearly contributed to a surge in electoral participation of citizens.

While the citizens have the option of visiting the polling centres in
their respective areas, most citizens are choosing the remote voting option for its obvious ease of use.

Many officials and employees in the Emirate chose to cast their vote from their workplaces using their smartphones and digital ID in less than a minute. Some of them, however, made it a point to visit polling centres, accompanied by their colleagues and friends, to respond to the call of national duty and soak in the special festive atmosphere prevailing everywhere.

At a number of voting centres, families were seen arriving with their children to vote in person and to inculcate in them a culture of electoral experience. The whole process is an inspiring experience and a beautiful memory for future generations who get to learn about their rights and responsibilities and the opportunity to choose their representatives in order to contribute to the developmental journey of the emirate.

Citizens in the emirate haven’t faced any obstacles in fulfilling the call of national duty to elect half of the members o
f the Consultative Council. The polling centres across Sharjah have witnessed the presence of various age groups, including young people, women, the elderly and people with disabilities, to participate in the electoral celebration to reaffirm their active role in the electoral process by choosing who gets to carry their voice to the Council and represent them.

The website, dedicated to the SCC elections, and the approved voting centres in the emirate will continue to receive voters until 20:00 on Thursday, 7th December 2023. Preliminary results of the SCC polls are to be announced the same day on Thursday, 7th December 2023.

Source: Emirates News Agency