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Training course in Taiz focuses on enhancing quality of primary health care

In Taiz province, a three-day training course commenced on Tuesday on the quality of primary health care and infection control.

Organized by the Public Health and Population Office in collaboration with the Deem Organization for Development, the course targets 20 health workers from Al-Ta’iziyah District’s health facilities.

Dr. Fadl al-Qubati, Deputy Director General of the province Health Office, emphasized the course’s significance in augmenting the skills of health providers.

Al-Qubati highlighted its role in equipping participants with knowledge to apply standards of quality care and infection control effectively in their daily healthcare practices.

Encouraging trainees to maximize their learning, Dr. al-Qubati underscored the course’s aim to elevate patient health outcomes and prevent infections through heightened awareness and improved practices in health facilities.

Source: Yemen News Agency