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UK Announces New Military Aid Package for Ukraine

UK’s Defence Secretary John Healey announced plans to provide Ukraine with a new aid package, affirming that Britain will supply additional weapons to Kyiv and accelerate efforts to deliver previously committed military support.

The Defence Secretary pledged to fast-track military support committed for Ukraine in April to arrive within the next 100 days.

“There may have been a change in government, but the UK is united for Ukraine,” Healey said, adding “As the new Defence Secretary, I will ensure that we reinvigorate Britain’s support by stepping up supplies of vital military aid.” This new package includes a quarter of a million of 50 calibre ammunition, 90 anti-armour Brimstone missiles, AS-90 artillery guns, and 50 small military boats to support river and coastal operations.

UK’s Foreign Secretary David Lammy said earlier that UK military, economic, political and diplomatic support for Ukraine will “remain ironclad.” Britain is the second-largest supporter of Ukraine in its war with Russia, following t
he United States, by providing aid and military equipment worth billions of pounds. It also imposes financial and economic sanctions on hundreds of Russian institutions and individuals connected to the military operation, and bans the import of Russian oil and gas.

Source: Qatar News Agency