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Visual Art Center Unveils Summer & Art Program for Children

Visual Art Center of the Ministry of Culture has launched a wide variety of activities for children of various age groups under the title of summer and art. The event is set to run until the end of July 2024.

Director of Visual Art Center Hoda Al Yafei, said the program primarily intends to encourage the entire community to practice visual art, discover art talents and care for them, affirming that the program features a package of art workshops such as sea voyage, where participants design and execute sea-themed elements on bags and fabric, as well as a workshop titled; day with an artist, which seeks to explore painting styles inspired by Qatari heritage aesthetics.

Besides, the event features a mosaic art workshop for girls to design flowers using colorful mosaic pieces. The events are due to be held at the center’s premises in Al Aziziya. Also, the program includes a workshop on heritage buildings for girls to draw the Qatari heritage buildings utilizing oil colors at the center’s premises in the cult
ural district of Katara, alongside a workshop on heritage to depict the Qatari heritage landmarks and methods of learning planning, drawing, and color blending techniques.

Source: Qatar News Agency