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Zakat Authority launches gas cylinder distribution to needy families in Ibb

In al-Radhmah district of Ibb province, the local branch of the General Authority for Zakat on Tuesday commenced the distribution of household gas cylinders to impoverished families.

During the launch, Shura Council member Abdullah al-Fareh emphasized the significance of providing gas cylinders to the needy, addressing their essential needs amidst challenging circumstances exacerbated by aggression and siege.

Al-Fareh lauded the Zakat Authority’s role in supporting vulnerable groups, highlighting the humanitarian gesture’s positive impact on deserving families.

He underscored the importance of fulfilling zakat obligations to foster compassion and community solidarity, ensuring aid reaches those most in need.

Meanwhile, Muhammad al-Akkad, director of the district’s Zakat Authority branch, detailed the distribution plan, which includes 1,200 gas cylinders and 400 bags of grains for families previously unreached by the Authority’s projects.

He reaffirmed the Authority’s commitment to financing humanitarian
initiatives, aligning with the revolutionary leadership’s vision to support the weak and vulnerable through legitimate zakat disbursements.

Source: Yemen News Agency